Arm Tattoos
Arm Tattoo

Arm Tattoos: For Unique and Strong Individuals

Arm tattoos are a very popular way of expressing yourself through strong images or texts which are important to you, and describe your personality.

Unlike ankle tattoos, these styles are often done in bigger sizes and in strong, colourful style. If done professionally, with a good idea and inspiration, they can look perfect. There are few kinds of arm tattoos and they are known as: Sleeve tattoos and Wrist tattoos.

Sleeve tattoos are most common ones, among the brave tattoo fans, because they are quite big. They cover the whole arm, looking like a sleeve. They are usually done in full colour, often shoeing a collection of different images, which create a certain story, important to the person having them.

Wrist tattoos are also considered arm tattoo, but are more discreet then the previously mentioned kind. These tattoos are smaller, often monochromatic (grey, black or indigo blue) showing tribal tattoos, or smaller images.

There are few very popular styles, among tattoo lovers, who decide to do an arm tattoo. First one is called Japanese style and the second very popular one (especially in the last decade) is a bit retro Americana style (a.k.a. sailor inspired tattoo design).

Both styles can be applied on the wrist or as a sleeve, in full colour or monochromatic, and can look breathe taking and powerful.

Japanese style includes popular images from Japanese tradition and culture like Koi Fish, Cherry Blossom, Water and for instance Deity (Japanese god). Each of these images is naturally very colourful, with beautiful shapes, and perfect design, so they are a great inspiration for artists to start with.

The style known as Americana includes traditional sailors arm tattoos but with a modern design approach. It also includes a variety of pin up imagery, similar to the one seen on popular singer Amy Winehouse.

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