As in many other cases, the art of the Polynesian tattoo also underwent prohibitions and censures due to the spread of Christianity. Each person and each culture has its reasons, its beliefs and its hopes and these are alone.

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History of tattooing from prehistoric times to today and in 1769 that the english captain james cook landing in tahiti observing and noting the customs of the local population transcribes for the first time the word tattow then tattoo derived from the term tau tau onomatopoeia that recalled the noise produced by the tapping of the wood on the needle to pierce the skin. The history of tattooing. The tattoo with aesthetic purposes, for example permanent make-up for the eyebrows of the eyelid and lip contour, is aimed at people allergic to conventional make-up or cancer patients who, following the therapies they undergo, result in hair loss and eyebrows.

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