Wrist Tattoo
Wrist Tattoo

The Choice of a Wrist Tattoo

The small area of skin that is available on a wrist may not seem like a suitable spot for a tattoo. Yet this area of the body is surprisingly a very popular choice for tattoo artwork to be placed on. And even though the skin of the wrist is very sensitive and much thinner than on other parts of the body, people still get a wrist tattoo.

There are many reasons for this. The small area of the wrist is actually the perfect spot for a name, especially a first and last name. Many people will choose this method for a wrist tattoo, either for their own name, the name of a spouse, or the name of a child.

The smaller area of the wrist also lends itself to more intricate and finely drawn artwork. That is the reason many females opt for a wrist tattoo. Delicate designs that include vines, flowers, stars, and other small depictions can be placed easily around the wrist, and lend themselves nicely to the form of the wrist. Men can also choose to get a wrist tattoo with barbed wire, chains, and other more masculine features.

Slogans are also a popular choice for a wrist tattoo. The location of the wrist on the underside of the arm is not often noticeable, and for this reason some people choose to put sayings of a more risqué nature there.

Perhaps the most popular icon to use in wrist tattoo artwork is a cross. Many people choose this location to place this symbol of religious belief, as a more intimate and personal representation of their faith.

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